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Hey everyone! We are officially announcing our Towny Planet's Grand Launch!

Grab your friends, and hop on to try out our entirely new Towny experience!

Please join us, this Friday, July 30th, at 3PM EST!

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What makes Towny, Towny?
Band together with your friends and create a town in the Wilderness! You can claim land and build your empire to be the richest it can be!
There are many ways to get started, by joining towns, purchasing land, declaring war, and more!

The core of Towny, Towns


CropExp, or more commonly referred to as cexp, is the total amount of exp gained from farming. It is the bread and butter for farmers. The higher your cexp level, the more your crops are worth. If you want to check your progress, use the /cexp levels command.

Iron axe


Farming is one of the most important aspects of playing, and it's where a majority of your income will come from. Farming works the same here as it does in a vanilla server. The prices of crops will change depending on what is sold within the hour.



Backpacks are be used to store your harvested crops in and can be used to quickly transport your crops before sale. The easiest ways to obtain a backpack are to buy crate keys, purchase them from other players, or use the token shop.
To use, simply hold the Backpack in your hand and right click. Moving the crops into the Backpack is easily done by holding right shift and clicking on the item, or by using a pack tool. While using a pack tool, simply have the Backpack in your inventory and hold the pack tool in your hand. Shift + right click to move the crops into the Backpack.

You can upgrade your Backpacks to the next tier by simply adding them to a Crafting Table. Each upgrade costs 3 of the previous tier. For example, add 3 tier 1's to the crafting table and you will receive one tier 2 Backpack! However, you cannot upgrade tier 4 Backpacks to tier 5.

diamond block

Crop Collectors

Crop Collectors can be obtained through /ah, /ts, /ms, crates, and /buy. They collect all the cane and cacti in the chunk they're placed in. Cane when farmed manually, and cacti when farmed automatically or by hand. No matter where it's placed, it will collect everything dropped from bedrock to build height. They are not made to automatically farm for you, just pick up and store drops.

Diamond Sword

Mob Collectors

Mob collectors can be obtained through /ah, /ts, crates, and /buy. They collect all drops from auto-farmed mobs in the chunk, from bedrock to build height. They won't collect the drops when the mobs are killed by a player. All mobs have one heart, so setting up a mob grinder is rather easy.


PasteBase spawns in a 1x1 chunk starter house to help kick off your journey on Towny! It provides you with a base, and an accompanying farm. It helps players ease into the server, and learn how things work. As a first time player, you will start off in the tutorial. Once you read through all the information provided you will come across a portal made of water. Step into it, and a GUI will pop up asking you for a Town name. You can choose to input a name, or press escape for it to give you a randomly generated string of numbers. After you are done, a 10 second timer will count down, and you will be teleported to your newly pasted base! If you're not in the tutorial you can type /pb.


Rock Paper Scissors is another one of Towny's gambling features where players are able to place bets on rock, paper, or scissors. In RPS, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. It is primarily based on who chooses which action. When placing a bet, your opponent cannot see what you have chosen, so what they choose is out of luck.
Rock Paper Scissors
Coin flip is a 50/50 heads or tails game allowing players to place a bet on either heads or tails. To access the coin flip page with all active coin flips do /cf and to place bets or create a coin flip do /cf {bet} {heads/tails}.
One of the last gambling features is Jackpot. Jackpot is in a way similar to the lottery where players can bet money using /jackpot to win large sums of money. In most cases, the more you bid the higher the chance you have of winning the whole pot, but sometimes there is a chance for others who have bid less to win. In comparison to the lottery, it is less luck based and more focused on how much you bid. It is drawn every hour if the required amount of players is reached to start it.


Custom Enchants

Custom Enchants are an aspect of the server put in to bring variety in gear, and add different types of boosts. To access the GUI for these enchants, do /ce.

Custom Enchants
Enchant book


You can exchange unwanted custom enchant books for magical dust. Magical dust allows you to increase the success rate of other books. To apply the magical dust to a book, simply take the dust and drop it onto the book while you have your inventory GUI open.

Black Scrolls

Black scrolls allow you to remove the enchants on an item. This does not give you the books back, only remove the enchants. You can purchase them in the /ce menu for 100 exp levels.



The alchemist menu allows you to combine your enchant books into higher levels. Simply do /ce, click on the brewing stand, and put your two books into the empty slots on the left.


Harvester Hoe: This tool is used to quickly harvest crops to turn a fast profit. While it is able to harvest crops across a large area at once, it does come with the downside of only giving half the normal experience points for the crop. These can only be used on wheat, carrots, and nether wart currently. It can not be repaired using the /fix command. Once all uses of the item have been used, the item will disappear.
Tilling Hoe: This tool is used to till up dirt and similar to the harvesting hoe, covers a large area of land at once, depending on the type of hoe you have will determine the amount of ground tilled at once.
Crop Wands: Provides a temporary growth boost to your crops, simply use the wand in the center of the area you wish you grow.
Blast Pickaxe: The Blast Pickaxe is a diamond pickaxe that is used for more efficient mining. Comes with two different modes: Normal mode, which is for mining like you would with a regular pickaxe, and Trench mode, which removes blocks in a certain radius of the one mined. This tool can be obtained through the online store, or through player trading and in-game auction house sale.
Sell Wand: Used to sell mob drops from regular chests. Comes in three different use amounts.
Seed Bomb: These are used to plant wheat, carrot, and beet root seeds in a 10x10 area. Simply use the bomb on the desired patch of plowed dirt and the area will be planted for you.
Pack Tools: This tool allows you to move large quantities of crops from a Crop Collector to a Backpack. Left shift then right-click to move the crops into your Backpack.
Rare Items: These are custom items that have been added to the game. They are created by Senior Staff and have a unique custom enchant applied to them. These custom enchants cannot be removed or added to anything other than that rare. You can only get these items from monthly crates.

Selling Crops

One of the best ways to make money is by selling the crops you harvest. There are three NPCs that you can sell to, each one having different prices than the last. To see the maximum and minimum sell prices, do /crops. Selling is actually pretty simple. Once you reach one of the three buyers listed below, right-click the NPC. This opens a menu. Put all your crops/backpacks into the inventory spaces, click the green dye at the bottom, and you're done! /sellcrops is a command that can be used to locate all NPCs.

In-Game Money Ranks

There are 25 ranks, ranging from 1 -> 25. The first three players to reach rank 25 receive an NPC of themselves in spawn. To access the ranks, do /ranks. To rankup, do /ru.


Throughout the Overworld you may encounter wild dinosaurs of different types! Slay these beasts to receive Artifacts to use in the /artifact shop!

Dino 1 Dino 2 Dino 3 Dino 4


If you're still confused about any of our Towny features, go through the /tutorial in-game!


To commemorate the grand launch of our Towny Planet, we will be hosting a LAUNCH giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • 1x Spinosaurus Rank
  • 1x Monthly Crate
  • 2x VipX Crates

Prizes are subject to change at any time.