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Survival Planet - THE GRAND LAUNCH

Hey everyone! It's time for us to release our new Survival gamemode!
Survival's first season is packed with new features that aim to make the planet more socialable and long-term

Please join us, this Saturday, July 31st, at 3PM EST!

Make sure to join our giveaway on Discord for a chance to win the top rank!

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Mob Spawning

When in the Badlands, you will see unique mobs spawning, such as wolves, bunnies, deer, eagles, and many more.
These mobs drop unique items such as berries, hyde, and other unique drops. These drops can be sold using /shop

Mob types & rarities

  • Deer - Level 1
  • Bunnies - Level 2
  • Wolves - Level 3
  • Boars - Level 4
  • Eagles - Level 5
  • Elephants - Max Level


This unique feature is by far one of the best! You will now be able to buy furniture from /furniture and place it in your land! Let’s build some new cool houses!
Furniture can be obtained in 2 different ways - Crates and in-game shops. We also have lots of different pieces of furniture available in /shop which can be purchased using money.

Once you obtain a piece of furniture, you simply have to place it down like any regular block! If you change your mind, you can shift + click on the item to deposit it back to storage.


In-game shop

The new shop menu allows you to find the items you are looking for quicker than ever before!
Shop prices are dynamic, meaning they may change based on how much of an item has been purchased!

Shop Menu
Gold coins

Starcoins Shop

We have a brand new Starcoins currency - These coins can be spent in the new in-game store, and follows the same pricing found on our Webstore.
Starcoins can be obtained through voting, crates and other places (Such as events).

Diamond sword


Many players across all servers have started to adapt to the new style of PvP that 1.16 brings to Minecraft - 1.8 PvP on newer versions is buggy, and doesn't allow us to offer a truly unique experience
Starting with the Towny planet, and now on the Survival planet, we will be using the 1.16 PvP mechanics to their full.

Diamond Sword


Classes are in-game ranks, that are obtained based on your wealth. By having more money, you have the chance to obtain better rewards (Such as claimblocks).
Ranking up your class unlocks access to an increased claimblock limit, more commands, flight and much more.

The 4 classes are:
• Default [($0 - $9.9k)]
• Harvester [($10k - $4.9M)]
• Craftsman [($5M - $49.9M)]
• Vassal [($50M - infinity)]

To unlock classes, you need to have a certain amount of money in your /bal at all times.


With our excellent development team, we have managed to create a truly unique, and heavily optimised, experience across Survival and our other gamemodes. Whilst we have every confidence in our team, you may occasionally come across some bugs, so please feel free to report them in our Discord by creating a ticket, or submitting a bug report!


If you're still confused about any of our Survival features, go through the /tutorial in-game!


To commemorate the grand launch of our Survival Planet, we will be hosting a LAUNCH giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and join our Discord!

  • 1x Emperor Rank

Prizes are subject to change at any time.