Skyblock | Episode II

Skyblock - EPISODE II

Hey everyone! It is time for the 2nd episode of Skyblock! During our Public Beta, we received a lot of valuable feedback from our community; and, have put it all into this new map!

With that being said, group up your friends, and prepare of our revamped Skyblock!

Please join us, this Saturday, May 29th, at 3PM EST!

Harvester Tools

This is a multi-purpose tool, that will be effective by switching between a hoe and an axe depending on the crop you are farming.
All crops harvested will be automatically put in your inventory and replanted. There will be toggles for these features as well.
Upgrading your harvester tool with silver will get you wealth faster. As well, there are milestones for each crop, which will grant you a sell multiplier for the respective crop if you reach it.

Make life easier with an all new Harvester tool!

Harvester Tool Upgrades

Efficiency - 20 levels
Fortune - 100 levels
Blitz - 50 levels
Haste - 25 levels
Investor - 50 levels
Destruction - 25 levels
Gambler - 100 levels

Upgrade your Harvester tool to receive wealth more quickly.

Harvester Tool Milestones

Netherwart - 5 levels
Sugarcane - 5 levels
Carrot - 5 levels
Potato - 5 levels
Wheat - 5 levels
Melon - 5 levels
Pumpkin - 5 levels

View crop milestones for your harvester hoe!


Make life easier by using the brand new wands!
All wands work with one right-click on a chest.

Sell - sell all items in a chest
Condense - condense all ingots in a chest into blocks
Smelt - smelt all ores and raw food in a chest
Repair - repair all armour in a chest

Control your storage with wands that have special perks

Island Warps

You can now create public warps using /is warp create [name] public!
Advertise your warps in chat so players can quickly get to your island and check it out.

Auction House

Browse the community market with our new Auction house!
A player can now sell items for their desire price, or buy them in this system.
Access the auction house with /ah.

Browse the all-new community based market!

Crop Hoppers

Place a crop hopper in a chunk, to automatically collect any crops that drop from your farms!

Collect your crops with ease.

Spawner Changes

Spawners are now obtainable in a special spawner section in /shop! These spawners will have a costly price, but you can still kill mobs in the Adventure World to get free spawners.
Spawners will now last forever, and spawner health is no more.
Both spawners and mobs now stack! Allowing you to make your grinder more condensed, as well as making grinding quicker and easier.

Important changes to the spawner system

Adventure World Changes

Skyblock is about creativity and the progress of your island; so, we listened to the community and made the Adventure World less of a requirement. It is now not the main focus of Skyblock.
Money pouches will also be significantly nerfed, moving away from having them as the main focus of the economy.
Removed requirements for advancing to a new zone, instead will give a suggestion on what you should have to enter the zone. PvP will be removed from the Adventure World.

Revised Adventure World, update to the core of our Skyblock gamemode.

Warp PvP

To fill the void for those who love PvP, we are making a new warp where you can PvP and fight for envoys!
In this warp, there will also be a scheduled KoTH where you can compete with your Island to capture for rewards!

Battle 'til your heart is content, in the all new PvP warp!

Cobblestone Generator Removal

We found that using a cobblestone generator limits creativity, which is the opposite of what having your own island should be!
You can now make your own type of cobblestone generators, which will act the same as the typical cobblestone generator you're familiar with.

No more to cobblestone generators

Misc. Changes

  • Re-skin all chat messages & announcements to look nicer
  • Re-skin crate previews to look nicer
  • Remove KoTH crate and replaced with Minion crate
  • Remove all vaults except Seasonal vaults
  • Remove Minion Crafting, now just using Minion Eggs
  • Remove cobblestone generator ores & Island Hopper island upgrades
  • Re-done tips
  • Re-done sell prices for spawner drops
  • Re-done sell prices for crops
  • Re-done shop GUI layout
  • Rename Island Safe blocks to be more easily rememberable
  • Re-worked Silver shop
  • Re-worked all crates' content & % chances
  • Stop baby ocelots from spawning from Ocelot spawners
  • Add custom shop that looks nicer and has discounts for ranks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed combat tag issue
  • Fixed issue with players fishing enchantment books
  • Fixed slab issue
  • Fixed issue with players not being able to unlock level 2 skills
  • Fixed issue with "/is upgrades" lore
  • Fixed Skybase pulse bug
  • Fixed issue with chat colours
  • Fixed issue with island visitors being able to break fully grown crops
  • Fixed annoying chest sound associated with GUIs
  • Can now view other players' "/stats"
  • Add minion ranges to minion egg lore
  • Add Silver to a Skybase upgrade to make Silver for your Island passively
  • Players no longer take fall damage anywhere on the server
  • Flame arrows now work on mobs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed netherwart material dropping stone
  • Fixed rank cooldown
  • Fixed vein limit island upgrade
  • Fixed hoppers & voidchests pulling to real chest inventory instead of the voidchest's virtual inventory
  • Add brewing stands to the shop
  • Add envoys to /warp pvp
  • Nerf Adventure World mobs' level
  • Improve minion egg lore formatting
  • Remove Mystical Hoppers
  • Allow viewing island members using "/is members [island]" without needing to already be on an island
  • Correct all vouchers to work as intended
  • Progress for ambush pass can now be tracked
  • Minions will now actually consume player veins on islands
  • You can now deposit crops for an NPC Merchant quest


To commemorate the grand launch of our Skyblock realm, we will be hosting a LAUNCH giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • 1x Immortal Rank
  • 2x 1 Season of Skyblock+
  • 3x Seasonal Vaults

Prizes are subject to change at any time.