Hey everyone! We are officially announcing our Skyblock Public Beta!

Grab your friends, and hop on to try out our entirely new Skyblock experience!

Please join us, next Saturday, April 17th, at 3PM EST!


What would Skyblock be without islands?
Here, not only do we give you a choice of starter islands, we give you three structures that each have their own unique function!
There are many ways to customize your island, through permissions, upgrades, border colours, and much more!

The core of Skyblock, Islands


The Skybase is the heartbeat of your island! With each pulse, it will generate rewards for your island; automatically depositing them it into the Island Bank.
Increase the amount of money generate by applying Crystals and Boosters!
Both can be obtained through many means, but are most common in the Adventure World and Lootboxes!

Skyblock Skybase

Island Vault

A virtual storage for all of your value blocks!
To apply Value blocks, just right-click them against your Vault!

Skyblock Island Vaults

Cobble Generator

Last, but not least, our special Cobble Generators!
These generators will spawn ores, unlike all other cobble generations on your Island.
Ore chances can be upgraded through the /is upgrade menu. All structures that spawn on your Island, can be moved with /is structure!

Skyblock Cobble Generators

Island Upgrading

Upgrading your Island requires you to have the cash on hand, within your Island bank!
From there, you can purchase one of the upgrades below!
Beware, some upgrades have prerequisites before you can upgrade them, such as needing to upgrade your bank - before being able to upgrade the Crystals you can apply to the Skybase!

Skyblock Island Upgrade System

Island Upgrades

Bank Limit - 5 levels
Crystals - 6 levels
Hopper Limit - 5 levels
Spawner Limit - 5 levels
Crop Growth on Island - 5 levels
Pulse Speed - 4 levels
Booster Multiplier - 3 levels
Ability to Queue Another Booster - 1 level
Island Chest Slots - 3 levels
Cobble Generator Rewards - 4 levels
Special Cobble Generator Limit on Island - 2 levels
Minion Limit - 3 levels
Vein Limit - 5 levels

Island Spawners

In order to place spawners on your Island, you will need to kill a certain number of mobs, of that type; as well as, pay a fee.
Don't worry! These mobs spawn in the Adventure World and you can track your progress through /is spawners!

Island Bank

A necessity to your Island, as it allows Island members to share their money & gives the Skybase a place to put the money it generates!
If the Bank is full, it won't be able to hold any more money! Make sure there is always some room for the money you receive from pulses!
Access your Island's bank by using /is bank.

Skyblock Island Bank

Island Permissions

Our advanced Island permission system is just one of the many things you can play with on your Island!
Some examples include - who can access the Island bank, who can place blocks, and who can apply value blocks!
Use /is perms to manage your Island's permissions!

Skyblock Permission System

Island Logs

In order to manage your Island, the advanced Island log tracks everything in their own sub section!
It can track things like who places/ removes spawners, to when anyone updates Island permissions, and more!
Find all of the logs in /is logs!

Skyblock Island Logs System

Adventure World

Finally, we're onto the Adventure World! Here, you can explore and find rare items!
There are nine islands that you can explore, as you continue your Skyblock adventure!
In order to progress to new areas, you will need to complete activities on each Island. View information about the Island & requirements in /adventure!
Although you can leave & create an Island, you should be spending a lot of time in the Adventure World; especially if you want some rare items, only found in the Adventure World!

Skyblock Adventure World


Become a Star by completing challenges to level up your Starpass! View your tasks & rewards by doing /starpass.
Every day, you will receive three Daily tasks, that must be completed that day in order to level up!
Every few days, you will unlock new Seasonal tasks, which can be completed within the duration of the Starpass session.
If you wish to obtain Premium rewards, you can purchase Skyblock+ on our store!

Treasure Chests

Within the Adventure world, there are chests that hold some of the rarest loot you can get.
Items can vary from anything like enchanted books to crates!

Adventure Mobs

To challenge everyone in the Adventure world, there will be both peaceful & hostile mobs - depending on the Island!
All mobs have their own special rewards, most notably though being Spawner Fragments!


Traders are where you can exchange Fragments for different items!
You can find them scattered around the Adventure world, but most are gathered in the Corrupted Caves!



Throughout the Adventure world, there will be certain blocks you are able to break, called Veins.
They will drop different rewards, based on the Vein.
Some Veins include Ores, Nether Wart, Cactus, Mushrooms, & Pumpkins!

Skyblock Mining Veins

The Merchant

Within the Adventure world, there is an NPC named, The Merchant, who controls the crop orders that are taken by the locals.
These orders will reset each day, at 2AM EST, so make sure you complete your orders before they expire!
You must deliver the crops to the locals, before you can claim your rewards. For more information, use /merchant!

Skyblock Merchants


Once you receive a Spawner, you may think why is there so much text under the spawner? Let's jump into what all the text means!
Firstly, Spawners now have a limited amount of uses; however, their uses can be replenished with Souls!
Spawners can hold as many Souls as they have Storage Space. Spawners are obtainable by trading fifteen Fragments with a Trader!

Skyblock Spawners


Skills include PvE combat, PvP combat, Fishing, Excavating (includes mining), Herbalism, and two completely new skills - Prayer & Resourceful!
Prayer can be leveled by opening treasure chests and crates at spawn.
Resourceful can be leveled by smelting, brewing, and crafting.

Skills System

Skill Abilities

Upon leveling up skills, you will receive Skill points, which can be spent within the Skill tree!
There are a variety of perks, that will help you progress within our Skyblock experience, faster and more efficiently!

Skills Abilities


Throughout our Skyblock experience, you will run into a few different types of Minions! We have a Miner, Harvester, Slayer, Fisher, and Lumberjack minion!
In order to obtain Minions, you will have to craft them; however, you cannot choose which one you craft!
You can find out more information about Minions when you do /minioninfo and by viewing the crafting recipes!

Skyblock Minions

Portable Veins

Portable Veins are obtainable via the auction house, traders, or from crates!
You can place these Veins on your Island, to farm all for yourself.

Skyblock Portable Veins

Mystical Void Chests

Void Chests are a great way to automatically sell items! When they sell, the money is deposited into your Island bank!
You can upgrade the space inside your Void chest from 1 row, all the way to a full double chest!
Simply shift-click on the chest, and view the upgrade.

Skyblock Mystical Void Chests

Mystical Hoppers & Charms

Hopper charms can be collected throughout the Adventure world.
These Charms can them be used to upgrade your Mystical Hopper and allow it to do all the things it should be able to do!
Exactly as Void chests, shift-click on the Hopper to open a custom GUI and view the upgrades!

Skyblock Mystical Hoppers


Gamble your heart out, with our lottery system!
You can obtain tickets from treasure chests and crates, each worth $1000 and limited to a max of 100 entries per lottery.
Lottery drawings happen every hour, so you're able to gamble $2.4 million per day! Access the lottery area using /lottery!


In order to enchant, you will need to gather books from the Adventure world! Combine books of identical enchant and level by dragging them onto each other.
No EXP is required for combining! Once the book is at the level you want, just drag into onto the weapon, tool, or armour you want it to go on, to be applied!

Enchanting System


These are a nice, nifty reward that you will be able to earn consistently.
You can obtain them from the Adventure world, crates, and much more!
Their contents range from Crystals, to Vein Fragments, and all the way back to Enchantments!


Almost everyone has had some experience with crates, but if you haven't then you can on Starcade Skyblock!
These can be obtained from Voting, normal gameplay, and the store!
To view crate contents, visit /warp crates!

Crate Area Showcase


What are vaults, you might ask? Well simply put, they are the collection of the most OP items in the game!
When you unlock a new vault, you can select 5 rewards, and if you're lucky, you might pull a Mythical reward!
For more information, visit the Vault previews at /warp crates!

Daily Rewards & Voting

If you like the word FREE, then you'll love our Voting rewards!
Each time you vote, you'll receive a voucher for 6 hours of Island Fly, Vote keys, and more!
We have 4 Vote links, meaning you can fly for free!

Daily Rewards Showcase


Skyblock+ is a seasonal package, that you can purchase on our store!
The perks range from Premium rewards in the Starpass, to exclusive tags and kits!


To commemorate the grand launch of our Skyblock realm, we will be hosting a LAUNCH giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • 1x Immortal Rank
  • 2x 1 Season of Skyblock+
  • 3x Seasonal Vaults

Prizes are subject to change at any time.