Skyblock - EPISODE III

Hello everyone! We are officially announcing the third episode of Skyblock!

Grab your friends, and hop on to try out our entirely new Skyblock experience!

Please join us, this Saturday, July 3rd, at 3PM EST!

Custom Enchantments

Whether it is a way to grind more efficiently, gain an advantage in PvP, or something to trade - custom enchantments bring a completely new element to our Skyblock experience!
There are 5 tiers of enchantments (common, elite, divine, eternal, and arcane). In /enchanter, you can purchase runes for XP that range from common to eternal. Arcane enchantments can be acquired from crates, the Starpass, and more.
All enchantment runes will have a success and destroy rate, meaning by right-clicking the rune it has a chance for the enchantment to apply on the item, or the item and rune will disappear completely!
You can use /tinkerer to trade in your runes that you have no use for, and receive mystery dust in return. Mystery dust can raise the success rate on that rune by up to 9% more, or not at all. Both the rune tier and mystery dust type need to be the same for this to work!

Level up your game with our all-new enchantment system!


White Scroll - Applies to your armour or tools, protects them from being destroyed when applying a rune. If the destroy rate procs, the white scroll effect will be removed and need to be re-applied

Black Scroll - Allows you to remove an enchantment from a piece of armour or a tool

Transmog Scroll - Organises the lore of a piece of armour or a tool by order of rarity and level. Adds a number to the end of the lore showcasing the number of enchantments on the item

Randomization Scroll - Drag-and-drop on a rune to randomise the success and destroy rate for the rune

Upgrade Scroll - Can be applied to an enchantment rune to upgrade the level of the rune, unless it is already at the maximum level

There will be enchantment boxes which can be placed, and the entire chest will be filled with different types of enchantments ranging from common to eternal runes. Read more about scrolls and enchantments over on our Skyblock Wiki!

Harvester Tools

This is a multi-purpose tool, that will be effective by switching between a hoe and an axe depending on the crop you are farming.
All crops harvested will be automatically put in your inventory and replanted. There will be toggles for these features as well.
Upgrading your harvester tool with silver will get you wealth faster. As well, there are milestones for each crop, which will grant you a sell multiplier for the respective crop if you reach it.

Make life easier with an all new Harvester tool!

Harvester Tool Upgrades

Efficiency - 20 levels
Fortune - 100 levels
Blitz - 50 levels
Haste - 25 levels
Investor - 50 levels
Destruction - 25 levels
Gambler - 100 levels

Upgrade your Harvester tool to receive wealth more quickly.

Harvester Tool Milestones

Netherwart - 5 levels
Sugarcane - 5 levels
Carrot - 5 levels
Potato - 5 levels
Wheat - 5 levels
Melon - 5 levels
Pumpkin - 5 levels

View crop milestones for your harvester hoe!


Make life easier by using the brand new wands!
All wands work with one right-click on a chest.

Sell - sell all items in a chest
Condense - condense all ingots in a chest into blocks
Smelt - smelt all ores and raw food in a chest
Repair - repair all armour in a chest

Control your storage with wands that have special perks

Skills Rework

Skills now look completely different! There are only 4 types of skills, which are farming, fishing, mining, and hunting.
Skills can be leveled up on your own island, or you can visit the Adventure world. In the Adventure world, you will be able to obtain skill EXP at an increased rate!

Fishing Perks - Better chances of catching fish and a faster reel in time

Mining Perks - Chance to get double ores and a chance of mining up silver

Farming Perks - Chance of getting double drops and automatically replanting a crop

Increase your power with our new Skills system!

Revamped Adventure World

The Adventure world has been given an entirely new purpose! Instead of solely being used to earn money, it is now an efficient way to get started!
Each island in the Adventure world has something unique to grind, that will grant you skill EXP.

Lazy Lagoon - Fish and level up your fishing skill

Forgotten Forest & Sandy Savannah - Kill mobs and level up your hunting skill

Corrupted Caves - Mine and break regenerating blocks to level up your excavation skill

Wintervale - Farm regenerating crops to level up your farming skill

Everything you do in the Adventure world will have a chance to give you silver!
There will also be bosses in the Wicked Woods, Ambush Pass, and Champion Circle! These bosses will grant rewards to the top 5 damagers.
Some things will still remain in the Adventure world. Treasure chests can be found on each island, giving many rewards. As well, crop hauls will remain!

An entirely new Adventure world system!

New Spawn

A brand new spawn! It looks fantastic and everything is much more accessible than before.

Astounding and well-put-together new spawn

New Warp PvP & WarZone

Our brand new /warp pvp will also be the WarZone, where you can drop down into from spawn!
With a new build that is larger and better-suited for PvP, it will include KoTHs, envoys, and air drops; which occur on set times every day. Each of these events will contain many rare items for you to obtain!

Battle 'til your heart is content, in the all new PvP warp!

Revamped Starpass Quests

The Starpass was extremely outdated, so the quests and rewards have been completely revamped!

A better Starpass is here

Misc. Changes

  • Add silver to Skybase pulse
  • Remove coal from Forgotten Forest and Sandy Savannah
  • Remove all veins from Adventure world
  • Remove old features from portable veins (updated lores, removed commands)
  • Remove the old skill pouches
  • Remove Ghostly Graveyard
  • Remove safezones since no PvP
  • Re-done envoy rewards
  • Re-done starfall rewards
  • Re-done treasure chest rewards
  • Rename Asgard Weystone to Spawn Weystone
  • Made envoy messages look better
  • Made the spawn weystone access all islands
  • Made all the weystones have access to all islands
  • Made it so mining a regenable block in the Corrupted Caves gives silver or onyx crystals
  • Update freeze message channel to join
  • Can now teleport to island home instantly
  • Now a clickable public island warp in chat
  • Everything now gives EXP, from mobs to fishing to mining, anything that was previously disabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed map issues
  • Fixed mob AI in Adventure world
  • Fixed amount of lottery entries given
  • Fixed mobs spawning in blocks in Adventure world
  • Fixed mob stacks only dropping loot from 1 mob
  • Fixed mobs not stacking
  • Fixed pulse value going down after using a magnifying booster
  • Fixed double NPCs
  • Fixed some incorrect lores on the silver/ money pouches
  • "/sell hand" and "/sell all" now do the actual shop price
  • Spong works on lava now
  • Holograms on top of spawners now update when you add to stack
  • Removed message "Combat is enabled outside of the red wool"


To commemorate the grand launch of our Skyblock realm, we will be hosting a LAUNCH giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • 5x Lunar Capes
  • 3x Immortal Ranks
  • 3x Summer Vaults

Prizes are subject to change at any time.