The time has come, we are ready to announce our Prison galaxy's grand release!

Grab your friends, and prepare for this first launch!

Join us, this Saturday, July 10th, at 3PM EST!

Level Mines

Unlock additional mines, as you rank up; and, show your pickaxes off to the public as you do so!

Global Events

Compete against the entire server, in our brand new events!
We will be starting off with LMS and Spleef, and slowly roll out new events as the map progresses.


Electricity has been replaced with Explosive!
Level this up to create mass destruction within the mines.

Six Shooter Omnitool

Progress through our pickaxe system with 16 enchants ranging from Fortune all the way exploding sheep destroying the mine.


While mining, you will have a small chance to dig up an Emblem!
Emblems can be equipped once your pickaxe reaches 1st prestige, granting powerful bonuses to your mining skills.
Use /emblems to equip and un-equip your emblems.

Unlock even greater abilities through Emblems


As you mine, the blocks you mine will go into your backpack.
You will be given an upgrade-able backpack when you first join the server. To upgrade your backpack, you can type the command /backpack upgrade.

Store your excess blocks in your backpack

Public Mines

You will be able to open up your mine for public use! By doing so, you can set a tax on the blocks sold from your mine and make money without doing any work!

Mine with people on your level.

Mine Level

As you mine and sell blocks, you will eventually be able to work towards upgrading your Mine level!
Upgrade your level by using /rankup.
Each rank-up will increase your mining level, which will occasionally grant you new blocks and a small sell bonus for each level.

Upgrade your Mining level for better blocks, and higher sell rates.

Mine Skins

Unlock mine skins to give your mine an entire new feel.


Travel to the Lazy River when you need a break from mining, and fish up some amazing rewards!
There are two types of fishable rewards: regular fish & Shiny fish. Regular fish can be sold for coins, and Shiny fish for Beacons!
Fish can be reeled up in various sizes; the bigger the fish, the more currency you can sell it for!
Purchase and upgrade fishing rods by using /fish.

Fishing rod enchantments


Throw your pickaxe into the forge and watch it prestige, unlocking new levels of enchantments.


Invite your friends to join your Gang, and enjoy the Prison experience together!
Create your Gang by using /gang and following the on-screen process.

Join your friends, and create a Gang


Plots will be basically your base, in Prison.
You can build a house, place your drills, and flex your riches!
Use /plots to access everything plot related.


Earn Drills as rare loot drops from mining skills, or from crates!
Drills are a form of passive currency generation, and will earn you coins over time once placed on your plot.
Drag and drop two drills of the same type to upgrade them to the next tier! This will grant you even more rewards.

Earn currency while AFK!

Warp PvP - Beacon Mine

Fight away the server’s players in the PvP area to gain beacons through mining!

PvP area, mine for beacons!


Gain a 1.2x Beacon and Coin multiplier for your gang by capturing the outpost!

Capture the Outpost to earn various multipliers


Exchange various items for physical bank notes of said items from the Teller!
Open the Teller GUI with /teller.

Exchange your currencies for notes worth the same amount.


There are two different types of boosters you can unlock on Prison:
Coin Booster - Increases the amount of coins you get by X%
Beacon Booster - Increases the amount of beacons you get by X%

Increase your sell price with multipliers


With each Player level increase, you will earn a new reward in your Starpass!
View and claim your rewards with /starpass.
Purchase the Premium Starpass on our store, to earn even greater rewards!

Earn unique rewards from the Starpass!

Time Warps

A revolutionary item, that will progress you through the game without requiring you to play!
There is one type of time warp:

Time - Ultra rare item, which will automatically calculate how much you would earn over X amount of time. You will warp forward in time and receive these items!

Travel in time to progress your Prison gameplay!

Casino - Coinflip

Use /cf to access coinflips.
Wager currency against other players, with a 50% chance to win or lose!

50/50 gambling, Prison coinflips.

Casino - Lottery

Access the lottery system by using /lotto.
Purchase tickets for a lottery raffle against other players.
The more tickets you have, the higher chance of you winning!

Second form of gambling on Prison!


To commemorate the grand release of our PRISON galaxy, we will be hosting a LAUNCH giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • 1x Outlaw Rank
  • 2x Summer Vaults
  • 3x Mythical Keys

Prizes are subject to change at any time.