Factions Mordor | REVAMP

Factions Mordor - REVAMP

$250 Payout - $100 in PayPal prizes - WEEKLY

Mordor is back, with an even crazier and action packed map than last time!

Factions Mordor will launch this Saturday, March 27th, at 3PM EST!

Map Overview - Fac Related

  • 40 man factions
  • 7 day grace period, no set end date
  • 3 second cannons
  • 20 chunk buffers
  • 50 power per player
  • No Faction rosters
  • 1 ally limit
  • 3 truce limit
  • Mining & Spawner economy

Map Overview - General Info

  • TNT enabled on Saturday (Apr. 3rd), 3PM EST
  • Spawners gain full value after being placed in a spawner chunk for 72 hours. Set spawner chunk with /f spawnerchunk. Any spawners outside of this chunk will not count towards F-TOP.
  • Regens enabled
  • Overworld world where raiding is disabled 10,000 x 10,000
  • 3 custom worlds where raiding is enabled, each with 3000x3000 border (12 corners)
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace


Rings are a cool item that allow you to gain special effects upon right-clicking them.

If you get an Arkenstone, you are able to unlock the refined ability of the ring.

Take your ring and arkenstone to the ring forgery in Moria to upgrade!

Hero Items

Hero items are special weapons that can be found in GKits, Boss loot, Keys and more.

There are 4 hero items that all give unique buffs!


Bosses are strong villains that do tons of damage, but rewards you with amazing loot!

There are tons of bosses all with different rarities, difficulties, skills, and loot.

You can find bosses that automatically spawn in the Darkzone or spawn them in yourself.

Dwarven Pickaxe

The Dwarven Pickaxe is an upgradeable pickaxe that allows players to gain special items while mining in Moria.

There are 7 unique enchants that you upgrade with gold.

Once your Dwarven Pickaxe is max upgraded, you can pay a small fee and access the /gold shop where you can splurge gold on OP items!

Shadow Sword

The Shadow Sword is an upgradeable tool used to kill Magmas that are found at Moria.

There are 4 unique enchants and you upgrade it by using gold.

Each Magma Cube you kill grants Gold and Magma Cream that you can sell for lots of money. Beware, PVP is enabled in this mine so bring your best godset and weapons!


Lottery is a system where players can purchase tickets with money and enter it into a pot of tickets.

A ticket at random is drawn every 6 hours and 1 lucky player wins all the earnings.

The more tickets you purchase, the greater chance you have at winning!

Coin Flip

Coin flip is a quicker gambling method where you and 1 other player can bet the same amount of money and choose a side..

After you choose a side a coin is flip and the winner of the coinflip receives the entire bet!

Faction Upgrades

Faction upgrades are a cool way to be able to get perks for your entire Faction.

You upgrade perks by using faction credits, which are obtainable by completing Faction Missions (/f mission).

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is an event that happens whenever a certain amount of gold has been mined on the server.

During the event, all ores in both the ore mine and pvp mine turn into all gold for 5 minutes and there are double gold drops.

Wilderness Fly

You can now receive 6 hours of Free Wilderness Fly for every time you Vote on Mordor! Use /vote in-game.

Important Notice

The Overworld has raiding disabled & spawner value placed in the world will not count on f-top.

Creepers will not drop TNT in this world!

Important Notice

Mordor will have a much more casual and welcoming atmosphere. It is the perfect Realm for new Players to start out!

Misc. Changes

  • Add mcMMO
  • Add a Cosmetic crate
  • Add limited-time exclusive kits
  • Add "/jellylegs" perk to Orc and higher
  • Add a join broadcast for donors
  • Add a teleportation animation
  • Add a toggles feature for server performance
  • Add daily rewards
  • Add a blacksmith NPC at spawn to repair your items
  • Add a title and effect when a ring is used
  • Add new vaults - random pouch, vault, & lootbox
  • Add a trade plugin
  • Add a tutorial NPC at spawn
  • Remove /printer
  • Remove Obsidian Genbuckets
  • Remove exit portal in darkzone
  • Remove escape portals
  • Remove guardians
  • Remove donate party
  • Remove Discord rewards
  • Remove some crates - stone & tag
  • Remove tier IV & V vaults
  • Fix gold top tracking issues
  • Fix Faction upgrade bug
  • Fix logger ring visual bug
  • Increase all world sizes

Misc. Changes

  • Revamp G-Kits
  • Revamp featherboard
  • Revamp dragon drop rewards
  • Revamp vaults
  • Revamp bosses
  • Revamp tab format
  • Revamp vote party rewards
  • Revamp gold shop
  • Revamp jump pads
  • New Kit GUI
  • New chat games
  • New envoys
  • New Faction relations colours & tags
  • New nicknames & chat colours
  • New custom enchantments
  • New reclaims
  • New vouchers
  • New tags
  • New custom terrain in overworld
  • Change from visual to physical crate keys
  • Allow commands & teleporting at /warp darkzone
  • Dragon rank and higher can now re-roll crates
  • Players can now type with shortcuts, i.e. /pay [player] 100k
  • General formatting across entire server has been re-done
  • Numerous other changes, which can be found in our Discord


As usual, we will be hosting a SOTW giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • Wizard Rank
  • 3x Mordor Keys
  • 5x Cosmetic Keys

Prizes are subject to change at any time.


You must have your Discord linked using /discord in-game, to be elligible for payout.

The top 3 Factions will receive the following payout, weekly!

Faction Top:

  • First - $50 PayPal OR $75 BuyCraft
  • Second - $30 PayPal | $50 BuyCraft
  • Third - $20 PayPal | $25 BuyCraft