Factions Mordor | SEASON 2

Factions Mordor

Mordor is returning for the New Years season!

To go along with this holiday season, we will be doing an UNBAN ALL on Friday, December 25th!

Factions Mordor will launch this Saturday, December 26th, at 3PM EST!

Map Overview - Fac Related

  • 10 man factions
  • 7 day map - 3 days grace, 4 days TNT
  • 3 second cannons
  • 15 chunk buffers
  • 16 hour shields
  • 300 power per player
  • 15 roster size - 1 kick per day
  • Faction roster kick limits enabled on Tuesday, 3PM EST
  • Faction shields are locked on Tuesday, 3PM EST

Map Overview - General Info

  • Spawner taxes enabled on Tuesday, 3PM EST
  • TNT drop rates change from 50% -> 100% at Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Map ends on January 2nd, 3PM EST
  • Account sharing restricted
  • Regens disabled
  • Economy sheet will be announced on our Discord
  • 4 custom worlds, each with 3000x3000 border (12 corners)
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace
  • Faction Fly & chat will be disabled for the first 30 minutes of the map

Mining Economy

We have done a complete overhaul and major buff of the Mining Economy!

Travel to /warp Moria to grind Gold Coins and $$$ during Grace!

Dwarven Pickaxe

We have reworked some key upgrades in the Dwarven Pickaxe to make your experience more fun while mining at Moria!

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush event is a brand new event in Factions Mordor! Every time a player from any Faction mines a Gold Ore, the Gold Rush Tally increases by 1.

Once this tally reaches 25,000 Gold mined globally, every ore in /warp Moria will turn into gold ore for a short period of time!

Gold Shop

The Gold Shop is a brand new way to spend your extra Gold Coins earned from mining!

Exchange Gold Coins for Spawners, Vaults, & More!

Escape Portals

Escape Portals allow players to quickly escape from intense battles.

Jump into the portal and wait for it to teleport you to a random location in the Warzone of the Overworld!

Hero Items

There are 4 ancient Hero Items in Mordor that are incredibly rare to find.

Each of these items have a unique ability that can be used while holding shift.

Rings of Power

Rings give special abilities to their user while being held.

The Arkenstone can be brought to the Ring Forge in Moria to upgrade rings, “Refining” it, and unlocking even better abilities.

Forest Darkzone

Within the Forest Darkzone you can find the Outpost, which gives a Sell multiplier, and an XP multiplier from killing Magma Cubes.

The darkzone also has a KoTH, which rewards the capturer a KoTH key! Envoys spawn within the darkzone periodically, as well.

You can only escape through the exit portal, or with an escape portal!

G-Kit Guardians

G-Kit Guardians are mini-bosses that you or your Faction can fight to win free G-Kits.

Battling a guardian guarantees you to at least win a 1x respective G-Kit, and have a chance to win a permanent G-Kit of its respective type!


Bosses are extremely difficult to defeat, and should not be challenged alone. Bring your Faction and place a Boss Egg in the Warzone of the Overworld to fight the Boss.

The top 3 damagers will receive extremely valuable loot, and sometimes reward Vaults to their slayers!

Misc. Changes

  • Dwarven Pickaxe Upgrades now send action bar messages when activated
  • Removed "Blitzkrieg" Dwarven Pickaxe upgrade, replaced with "Excavator"
  • New "Excavator" Dwarven Pickaxe upgrade - drops a lot of valuable rewards
  • "Fortuna" Dwarven Pickaxe upgrade now gives 15 seconds of Fortune instead of Efficiency
  • Increase Dwarven Pickaxe "Poison" upgrade activation rate from 5% per level -> 15% per level
  • Removed slime balls from /shop
  • Increased Coal sell price from $150 -> $195
  • Increased Coal Block prices from Buy: $3,300 / Sell: $1,350 -> Buy: $3,375 / Sell: $1,755
  • Increased Gold sell price from $750 -> $975
  • Increased Gold Block prices from Buy: $8,000 / Sell: $3,600 -> Buy: $15,300 / Sell: $8,775
  • Increased Iron sell price from $280 -> $550
  • Increased Iron Block prices from Buy: $5,200 / Sell: $2,520 -> Buy: $6,165 / Sell: $4,950
  • Decreased Emerald sell price from $93 -> $63
  • Increased Emerald Block buy price from $1,850 -> $5,103
  • Decreased Emerald Block sell price from $837 -> $567
  • Removed the ability to purchase Poppies from /shop and made them sell for $35
  • Reduced Gold Ore locations in the PvP mine by 25% in /warp Moria
  • Changed Dwarven Pickaxe efficiency upgrade interval to 1000

Misc. Changes

  • Reworked Key Vaults to only give a single key (equally weighted)
  • Fixed Magma Cubes despawning in /warp Moria
  • Added auto-spawning bosses in /warp Darkzone
  • Bosses will now despawn if they are not damaged over an extended period of time
  • An action bar with the boss's health will now show upon damaging it
  • Added 12 ender portal frames in various locations throughout the /warp Darkzone where Mystery, Golem, Goblin King, Elrond, and Uruk-Hai bosses will automatically spawn every 2 hours
  • Fixed worldborder issue in /warp Darkzone
  • Reworked all Crate rewards in all Crates
  • You can now use Gold Coins to unlock a Gold Shop using /gold shop. Here you can purchase Spawners, Vaults, & Keys
  • Fixed Guardian Vault visual bug
  • Fixed visual bug in Rings of Power lore
  • Reduced "Fortuna" Dwarven Pickaxe upgrade activation rate from 3% per level -> 1% per level
  • Fixed issues with Vault countdown animations
  • Shortened Vault countdown animation time
  • Gold Ore mined with the Dwarven Pickaxe upgrade now give Gold Coins & count towards /stats & Gold Top
  • Added speed pads throughout /warp Moria to navigate the mines quicker
  • Nerfed “Strider’s Sword” Hero Item (Increased cooldown time)


As usual, we will be hosting a SOTW giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • Wizard Rank
  • 3x Tier III Vaults
  • 5x Silver Keys

Prizes are subject to change at any time.


The top 5 Factions will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

Faction Top:

  • First - $350 PayPal | $100 BuyCraft
  • Second - $75 PayPal | $50 BuyCraft
  • Third - $50 PayPal | $25 BuyCraft
  • Fourth - $35 PayPal | $15 BuyCraft
  • Fifth - $15 PayPal | $5 BuyCraft

The top player and/or Faction will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

KoTH & Gold Top:

  • First - $25 PayPal