The next Chapter of Starcade Factions is launching December 5th, at 3PM EST! The Mordor realm will have a unique, brand new experience when it comes to Factions. There is many unique, never before seen features in store for this brand new realm! Mordor will be a completely new approach to Factions Eco & PVP! Check what time release is for you HERE.

Map Overview:

  • 5 man factions
  • 7 day map - 3 days of grace, 4 days of TNT
  • 3 second cannons
  • 20 chunk buffers
  • 18 hour faction shields
  • 300 power per player
  • 10 roster size, 1 kick per day
  • Faction roster kick limits enabled on Tuesday, 3PM EST
  • Faction forcefields are locked on Tuesday, 3PM EST
  • Spawner taxes enabled on Tuesday, 3PM EST
  • Spawner expiry enabled on Tuesday, 3PM EST (Spawners must be placed within 24 hours of being acquired, or they expire, becoming unplaceable/ useless)
  • TNT drop rates change from 50% -> 100% at Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Map ends on December 12th, 3PM EST
  • Account sharing restricted
  • Regens disabled
  • Economy sheet will be announced on our Discord
  • 4 custom worlds, each with 3000x3000 border (12 corners)
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace
  • Faction fly will be disabled for the first 30 minutes of the map
  • Faction Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $250 PayPal & $200 BuyCraft
  • Second Place: $100 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
  • Third Place: $50 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
  • Fourth Place: $35 PayPal & $35 BuyCraft
  • Fifth Place: $15 PayPal & $15 BuyCraft
  • KoTH Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
  • Gold Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
  • Claiming Payouts
    All payouts will be paid out shortly after the map has concluded. Here is how to claim:
  • PayPal: /f setpaypal [EMAIL]
  • BuyCraft: Given to leaders directly through the Faction-leader Discord
  • Brand New Mining Economy:
    This is not your traditional Mining Eco! On Mordor, there is a special Mountain in the world Moria that is packed with Ores of all types! Grab your Dwarven Pickaxe, and head over to /warp Moria to venture through extensive Caverns and farm coal, iron, and gold that sells for a ton each! This feature will completely replace any typical farming, and will be the main source of gaining money in Mordor!
    Dwarven Pickaxe:
    The Dwarven Pickaxe is a special tool in Mordor that is used in Moria! When Mining in Moria, you uncover Gold Coins. Use these Gold Coins to upgrade your Dwarven Pickaxe and gain special enchantments on it to help you gain money faster while Mining!
    Shadow Sword:
    The Shadow Sword is a special type of Mob-Sword that is best utilized for slaying Magma Cubes in Moria! In the Moria Mine there will be Magma Cubes spawning throughout the hallways leading to the Mining caverns. These are a unique type of Magma Cubes that can grow larger than any you’ve ever seen before! Slay these monsters to get their Magma Cream drops and sell them as an alternative way to make money on Mordor!
    Smaug Boss Fight:
    Once per day, the almighty dragon Smaug will awaken! Deep inside the Moria Mine is a portal that will open once per day and allow players to teleport to a special world. In this world Factions can fight to take down Smaug and win OP rewards! Smaug has a custom flight pattern and special attacks, so be sure to bring your entire Faction to this massive battle. Smaug drops valuable loot, as well as Dragon Scales, which can be used to craft a special Armour Set: The Dragon Set. This set acts similar to your typical Archer Set, granting boosts to its wearer as well as an increase in damage with Bows. It also comes with a sweet Dragon Helmet!
    Escape Portals:
    Escape Portals are a very valuable PvP item that allows players to quickly escape from intense battles. When you place an Escape Portal down, you can hear the roar of the Gods from the skies above. Jump into the portal and wait for it to teleport you to a random location in the Warzone of the Overworld!
    Hero Items:
    There are 4 ancient Hero Items in Mordor that are incredibly rare to find. They are the 4 best PvP items known to exist in Mordor, and will give their wielder a clear advantage on the battlefield over their enemies. Each of these items have a unique ability that can be used while holding shift. Legolas’ Bow is the bow of the fabled elf that deals a slug of damage to its opponents. If you hold shift while firing an arrow, you will fire a flurry of 10 flaming arrows at your enemy.
    Strider’s Sword is the weapon of the ancient Ranger of the North. It deals more damage than your typical sword found in Mordor. If you hold shift while hitting an enemy, you will paralyze them for 3 seconds, making them unable to move anywhere during that period of time.
    Gimli’s Axe is the weapon of the old Dwarf hero of Moria. It deals a great bit of damage when attacking an opponent. If you hold shift and right-click in a battle, it will cause an earthquake and send all enemies within a small radius flying into the air.
    Gandalf’s Staff is the magical weapon of the Great Wizard of Valinor. This is a brand new PvP item, that shoots fireballs ahead when you right-click the item. If you hold shift and use the Staff, it will fire a “charged” fireball, which will send a barrage of fireballs down from the sky at the location it hits, damaging all enemy players within a large radius.
    All of these Hero Items are extremely rare to find, and have a cooldown on their Special Abilities’ uses, which can be seen in your boss bar upon use.
    Rings of Power:
    Rings of Power are known to be some of the most powerful items ever seen in Middle Earth. Long ago twenty were made, but since then all have been lost and have vanished into myths. Recently, 5 have been uncovered in the lands of Mordor. Rings give special abilities to their user while being held. A special item known as the Arkenstone can be brought to the Ring Forge in Moria to upgrade rings, “Refining” it, and unlocking even better abilities. All Rings’ Abilities have a 1 minute cooldown, and Refined Abilities have a 3 minute cooldown.
    The Rings and their abilities are as follows:

    Tank Ring

    While right-clicking the Tank Ring, you will gain passive Resistance 2. When upgraded with an Arkenstone, upon shift + right-clicking the Ring, you will receive 5 seconds of Resistance III for every enemy within a 10 block radius.

    Logger Ring

    Upon right-clicking the Logger Ring, a “dummy” NPC will spawn distracting your enemies, and you will receive Speed IV for 15 seconds. When upgraded with an Arkenstone, upon shift + right-clicking the Ring, a “dummy” NPC will spawn distracting your enemies, and you will receive Speed IV and full Invisibility for 30 seconds.

    Vampire Ring

    Upon right-clicking the Vampire Ring, you will be healed the same amount of damage you deal for a duration of 5 seconds. When upgraded with an Arkenstone, upon shift + right-clicking the Ring, you will be healed the same amount of damage you deal, as well as inflict 2 seconds of poison on your enemy for a duration of 5 seconds.

    Second Chance Ring

    Upon right-clicking the Second Chance Ring, your enderpearl cooldown length will be cut in half. When upgraded with an Arkenstone, shift + right-clicking the Ring will reset your enderpearl cooldown.

    Rage Ring

    Upon right-clicking the Rage Ring, you will receive passive Strength III for 5 seconds. When upgraded with an Arkenstone, upon shift + right-clicking the Ring, you will receive 3 seconds of Strength III for every enemy within a 10 block radius.
    Forest Darkzone:
    In Mordor, there is a small land of Elves, known as the Forest. This Forest is a Darkzone, where nearly all commands are blocked. Within the Forest Darkzone you can find the Outpost, which gives a Sell multiplier, as well as an XP multiplier from killing Magma Cubes. There you can also find the Forest KoTH, which rewards 1 KoTH Crate Key to its capturer during the scheduled event. Elven Envoys also periodically occur, dropping chests throughout the area for players to capture to receive free loot! The only way to leave the Forest Darkzone is through the Exit Portal located within the area, or by utilizing an Escape Portal!
    Dragon Drops:
    Dragon Drops are a rare event that occurs twice per day. A Dragon Egg will fall from the sky, and land somewhere in the Warzone in the Overworld. Destroy the Egg with any pickaxe to win a free Vault, which contains some of the rarest loot in Mordor!
    Vaults are special items that act similar to crates, but reward better loot than the average Crate. When you open a Tier I, II, or III Vault, you can select 5 “mystery rewards”. Once you have selected those 5, the other rewards you missed out on will be revealed, and then disappear. You can then uncover what rarity each of your selected rewards has: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythical. The rarer the item, the better the reward! You can then uncover your rewards by clicking on the 5 remaining items and receiving them.
    The Ancient Relic Vault contains Mordor’s rarest items, holding Rings, Hero Items, Arkenstones, and Sauron Summoners. These Vaults are ultra-rare to find, and only reward 1 item per Vault opened!
    G-Kit Guardians:
    G-Kit Guardians are mini-bosses that you or your Faction can fight to win free G-Kits. If you fight the Giant, Thief, Builder, Enchanter, Raider, Gambler, or Repair Guardian, you are guaranteed to win a 1x respective G-Kit, and have a chance to win a permanent G-Kit of its respective type! You can also fight a Mystery Guardian, which will reward you with a random 1x G-Kit of any random type, along with a chance to win a permanent G-Kit of any random type!
    The biggest, baddest, strongest beasts of Mordor are its legendary Bosses. These Bosses are of all different shapes and sizes, and have a whole array of special abilities & powers that they use in a fight. Bosses are extremely difficult to defeat, and should not be challenged alone. Bring your Faction and place a Boss Egg in the Warzone of the Overworld to fight the Boss. Bosses drop extremely valuable loot, and sometimes reward Vaults to their slayers! The top 3 players who deal the most damage to the Boss will receive rewards, with the reward’s rarity based on the amount of damage dealt.
    Custom Enchantments:
    Mordor features 25 custom enchantments, seen below!


  • Aquatic: Applies water breathing
  • Infrared: Applies night vision
  • Chestplates
  • Brute: Applies strength
  • Feast: Never lose hunger
  • Juggernaut: Applies 2 extra hearts
  • Spikes: Applies better thorns
  • Tinkerer: Slowly repairs your armour
  • Leggings
  • Brawn: Applies resistance
  • Extinguish: Applies fire resistance
  • Boots
  • Jellylegs: Never take fall damage
  • Jetpack: Applies jump boost
  • Mach: Applies speed
  • Tools
  • Demolitionist: Destroy dispensers instantly
  • Haste: Applies haste
  • Rupture: Destroy obsidian instantly
  • Yeti: Destroy ice instantly
  • Swords
  • Surplus: Chance to receive more credits
  • Decapitation: Chance to drop the opponent's head
  • Infected: Chance to apply an enderpearl cooldown on the opponent
  • Pupil: Earn more EXP from killing mobs
  • Resurrection: Chance to keep sword after death
  • Sludge: Chance to apply slowness for 5 seconds on the hit opponent
  • Vampire: Chance to steal 1 heart from the hit opponent
  • Bows
  • Flurry: Chance to fire an extra arrow
  • Jawbreaker: Headshots deal extra damage
  • New Semtex:
    We are introducing 3 new types of Semtex into Mordor! Along with Throwable, Energized, & Blessed Semtex, there are now Unstable Semtex, Stun Semtex, and Vile Semtex! Throwable Semtex acts like a normal throwable creeper egg, and explodes on impact. Energized Semtex are a throwable charged creeper egg that explode upon impact. Blessed Semtex are a type of throwable creeper egg that explode upon impact, and directly return destroyed spawners to its thrower’s inventory. Unstable Semtex are a special type of throwable creeper egg that bounce twice before exploding on its 3rd impact. Stun Semtex are a type of throwable creeper egg that are utilized in PvP, that briefly stun your opponent when they are hit with one. Vile Semtex are another type of throwable creeper egg that are utilized in PvP, that confuse your opponent when they are hit with one.
    Build Sneak Peeks:
    We have all brand new builds prepared for Mordor!
    Join our Discord for updates about Factions Mordor!