Starcade - Competitive Aspect Update

Hello all,

Very soon, we will be making significant changes to Factions on Starcade. Our competitive Factions realms will be closing for an indefinite amount of time. We will keep Factions Mordor open for any interested in playing Factions, but payouts will be removed.

Why the changes?

These changes are being made to be fully in-line with Mojang's EULA and commercial guidelines. As far as we can see, our upcoming gamemodes are fully compliant with their guidelines; while, our Factions gamemode is not. To give everyone who plays our Factions gamemode a more fair playing experience and to follow the guidelines set out for us by Mojang, we have decided to make this very critical change.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be providing many updates to our community, both in the form of Discord announcements and posts here on our website, to be as transparent with our community as possible. This is a significant change for us as well, so we want to make sure our community is aware of what we are changing while this goes on. We aim to take our Factions to newer heights even with these changes, and grow our community here on Starcade even more!

Battlefront News

This ongoing map will be Battlefront's final map, for the foreseeable future. The map will end at it's scheduled time, and we will still be paying out accordingly for this map.

We will be giving our players to transfer their ranks over to Mordor, or onto one of our upcoming gamemodes - as they come out. When we have this system fully implemented, we will give everyone a prompt notice that such rank transfer option is available; along with a general description detailing the process.

Factions Mordor

PayPal payouts will conclude today (April 10th), on Factions Mordor. We will be leaving this realm open indefinitely, for players to come and play on. There will be new maps of Mordor in the future, for new players to have fair chances at starting with everyone else and being on equal grounds.

Direction of Starcade

Along with our changes to be in-line with Mojang's EULA policy, we would like to let everyone know what our ultimate plan is for Starcade. With these changes, we aim to push Starcade into a more casual, inviting, and refreshing play-style direction. There can still be a competitive aspect on our galaxies, though our end goal is the play-style direction. Our galaxies will not have any payouts included in them, indefinitely.

BuyCraft Codes

All existing BuyCraft codes will be voided on April 17th. Everyone has until then, to use up their codes. After that, they will be gone forever. We will not generate you and/ or your team a new code if you did not make use of it before the deadline.

While this may be an overwhelming change to take in right away, we believe these changes will help us grow our community further, and have a positive impact and impression on new players looking to get into the Factions gamemode. With these changes, we are also looking for as much feedback as possible, in our Discord!

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