Factions Battlefront - Episode V

Factions Battlefront - Episode V

$1500 Payout - $1200 in PayPal prizes

Many carefully crafted brand new features

Gather your roster, may the best team win!

Factions Battlefront will launch this Saturday, February 13th, at 3PM EST!

Map Overview - Fac Related

  • 20 man factions
  • 14 day map - 5 days grace, 9 days TNT
  • 2 second raiding cannons, 3 second counter cannons
  • 20 chunk buffers
  • 10 hour forcefields
  • 50 power per player
  • 40 roster size - 2 kicks per day
  • Faction roster kick limits enabled on Thursday (Feb. 18th), 3PM EST
  • 8 block ocean maximum allowed
  • 28 cannon box wall limit
  • 5 chunks of walls limit on buffer counters
  • 1 counter per side

Map Overview - General Info

  • Raiding outpost enabled on Sunday (Feb. 14th), 3PM EST
  • Spawner taxes enabled on Thursday (Feb. 18th), 3PM EST
  • TNT drop rates change from 50% -> 100% at Thursday (Feb. 18th), 3PM EST
  • Spawners gain full value after being placed in a spawner chunk for 72 hours. Set spawner chunk with /f spawnerchunk. Any spawners outside of this chunk will not count towards F-TOP.
  • Map ends on February 28th, 3PM EST
  • Regens disabled
  • Economy sheet will be posted in the Faction Leader Discord - if you lead a Faction, create a ticket in our public discord
  • 7 custom worlds, each with 3000x3000 border (28 corners)
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace
  • Faction Fly & chat will be disabled for the first hour of the map

Payout Information

You must have your Discord linked for the entirity of the map.

Cane top screenshot taken Thursday (Feb. 18th), 3PM EST
Faction & KoTH top screenshot taken Saturday (Feb. 28th), 3PM EST

Victory Tags

The winning Faction will receive a special tag, once the map has concluded.

Faction Spectate

Simple way to spectate ongoing raids on the server.

Type /f spectate [faction] to be teleported to their base to spectate for a short period of time!

Raid Interference Prevention

Will prevent other Factions from countering the raiding Faction.

Prevents other Factions from damaging the players involved in the actual Raid.


The economy this map will be focused on Sugar Cane and the Darkzone.

Fish in the Citadel for spawners.

Custom Enchantments

We have revamped our custom enchantments, as well as added 3 new ones!

Scramble - Chance to scramble your enemies hotbar
Famish - Chance to drain enemy's hunger
Inferno - Instantly kill Blazes & collect blaze rods

Spawner Chunks

To place spawners in claims, you will now need to designate the chunk as a spawner chunk.

At the end of a raid, it will now broadcast how much the raided Faction has lost!

Faction Map Changes

Can now click on the F-Map to claim/ unclaim anywhere on it.

Hover over a claim to find out more details about it, such as when it was claimed & by who.


We have added 2 new forms of gambling!

Try your luck at our brand new Coinflip system, or the Lottery!

Obsidian Fill

You can now do /obbyfill with obsidian in your hand to fill your inventory with it.

Will be charged the shop equivalent!

Misc. Changes

  • Raised Collector cap from 500k -> 5mil
  • Raised Omnitool efficiency level to 10
  • Buffed chat game rewards
  • Added "/koth time" command
  • Added "/outpost" chat command
  • Added "/raidingoutpost" chat command
  • Added "/f breachlogs"
  • Increased Raiding Outpost world size to 1.5k x 1.5k
  • Fixed Discord link rewards
  • Fixed Raid Timer issues
  • Added "Fruitious" enchantment to Galactic hoes (receive more Credits from Sugar Cane)
  • Buffed max sell multiplier on Galactic Hoes from 1.5x -> 1.7x
  • Buffed Credits per Fish
  • Buffed Ocelots (they now drop spawners)
  • Removed Semtex cooldown

Misc. Changes

  • Disabled "/roam" in WarZone & SafeZone
  • Re-done formatting for some plugins
  • Re-done tags plugin
  • New Crates styling
  • New Tab styling
  • New Kit/ GKit GUI styling
  • Factions can no longer disband while being raided
  • Can now type "/battlefront" to join the queue
  • Sandbot nametags are now numbered
  • Can no longer place sandbots that are already placed, without despawning them first
  • On KoTH capture, your Faction now receive 1.5x Spawn Rate multiplier for 2 hours
  • Unclaiming a Raid Claim will now turn it into a Normal Claim
  • Enderpearls no longer cleared with ClearLag
  • Numerous other changes, which can be found in our Discord


As usual, we will be hosting a SOTW giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click HERE and follow our latest tweet's instructions!

  • Sith Rank
  • 3x Battlefront Keys
  • 5x Star Keys

Prizes are subject to change at any time.


The top 5 Factions will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

Faction Top:

  • First - $1000 PayPal | $100 BuyCraft
  • Second - $100 PayPal | $50 BuyCraft
  • Third - $50 PayPal | $25 BuyCraft
  • Fourth - $35 PayPal | $15 BuyCraft
  • Fifth - $15 PayPal | $5 BuyCraft

The top 3 Factions will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

KoTH Top:

  • First - $25 BuyCraft
  • Second - $15 BuyCraft
  • Third - $5 BuyCraft

The top 3 players will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

Cane Top:

  • First - $25 PayPal
  • Second - $15 BuyCraft
  • Third - $5 BuyCraft

Map Totals: $1200 PayPal | $300 BuyCraft

Use /f setpaypal [Email] to receive your payout