BATTLEFRONT Episode III, The Finale

The time has come, the final episode of BATTLEFRONT will release on Saturday, November 14th @ 3:00 PM EST! The final battle and chance to conquer the BATTLEFRONT realm has arrived! Check what time release will be for you HERE.

Map Overview:

  • 10 man factions
  • 10 day map - 4 days of grace, 6 days of TNT
  • 3 second cannons
  • 15 chunk buffers
  • 16 hour faction forcefields
  • 200 power per player
  • 20 roster size, 1 kick per day
  • Faction roster kick limits enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Faction forcefields are locked on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Spawner taxes enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Spawner expiry enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST (Spawners must be placed within 24 hours of being acquired, or they expire, becoming unplaceable/ useless)
  • TNT drop rates change from 50% -> 100% at Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Map ends on November 24th, 3PM EST
  • Grinding areas for ocelots in Tatooine world (/warp tatooine)
  • Account sharing restricted
  • Regens disabled
  • Sugarcane, ocelot, & spawner economy
  • Economy sheet will be announced on our Discord
  • 7 custom worlds, each with 3000x3000 border (28 corners) - Hoth, Endor, Coruscant, Alderaan, Geonosis, & Mustafar
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace
  • Faction fly will be disabled for the first 30 minutes of the map
  • SALE Schedule
    Over the course of the map, we will be having various sales! Make sure to capitalize on them while they last!
  • LAUNCH Sale: 90% OFF - lasts first 48 HOURS
  • GRACE Sale: 80% OFF - lasts remainder of Grace period
  • TNT Sale: 65% OFF - lasts until the end of the map
  • Faction Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $700 PayPal & $350 BuyCraft
  • Second Place: $300 PayPal & $250 BuyCraft
  • Third Place: $100 PayPal & $150 BuyCraft
  • Fourth Place: $75 BuyCraft
  • Fifth Place: $25 BuyCraft
  • KoTH Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
  • Cane Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
  • Claiming Payouts
    All payouts will be paid out shortly after the map has concluded. Here is how to claim:
  • PayPal: /f setpaypal [EMAIL]
  • BuyCraft: Given to leaders directly through the Faction-leader Discord
  • Trilogy Top
    At the conclusion of each Trilogy, there will be a BONUS PAYOUT of $500 PayPal paid out to the top faction! Bring your roster back to compete for even more payout in even less time!
  • First Place: 3x Trilogy Points
  • Second Place: 2x Trilogy Points
  • Third Place: 1x Trilogy Point
  • Trilogy Leaderboard
    Here are the current placements for the Trilogy leaderboard, from Episode I:
  • First Place: Wookies - 8x Trilogy Points
  • Second Place: Caniche - 5x Trilogy Points
  • Third Place: Fantasy - 2x Trilogy Points
  • Changes:
  • Feast custom enchantment fixed.
  • Re-worked GKit flares.
  • Raid timer notifications removed.
  • Roster lock add & kick bugs fixed.
  • Increased size of raiding outpost world.
  • Added rule regarding raiding outpost world claims.
  • Health bug patched.
  • Omnitools & tray pickaxe custom enchantment bugs fixed.
  • Fix hand & fix all voucher issues fixed.
  • Fix all now fixes equipped armour.
  • Chunk collector bugs fixed.
  • Bounties have been removed.
  • Missing items have been added to printer.
  • Fixed teleportation bug.
  • Fixed tags.
  • Fixed stackable items.
  • Vote crate re-worked.
  • KoTH crate re-worked.
  • Credits shop re-worked.
  • Raiding outpost rewards nerfed.
  • Ocelot's custom enchantment drop rate nerfed.
  • GKit flares can no longer be purchased using BuyCraft.
  • Keys can no longer be purchased using BuyCraft.
  • All ranks up through Knight can now be purchased using BuyCraft.
  • Collectors now have a maximum value that they can hold.
  • Removed squid spawners.
  • Buffed fishing rewards.
  • Increased sell price of netherstars to $1,400.
  • Greed custom enchantment re-added to harvester hoes.
  • Greed custom enchantment re-worked.
  • Fruitious custom enchantment re-worked.
  • Removed slime balls from the shop.
  • Added golden ingots to the shop for Zombie Pigmen.
  • Zombie pigmen no longer drop golden nuggets, only golden ingots now.
  • No longer able to sell enderpearls in the shop.
  • Vader rank now has access to Vader & Sith rank kits.
  • Vader rank removed from the store.
  • Wookiee rank added to the store, in place of Vader.