BATTLEFRONT Episode III, The Finale

Factions Battlefront - Episode III

The final battle and chance to conquer the BATTLEFRONT realm has arrived!

The final episode of BATTLEFRONT will release on Saturday, November 14th @ 3:00 PM EST!

Check what time release will be for you HERE!

Map Overview - Fac Related

  • 10 man factions
  • 10 day map - 4 days grace, 6 days TNT
  • 3 second cannons
  • 15 chunk buffers
  • 16 hour faction forcefields
  • 200 power per player
  • 20 roster size - 1 kick per day
  • Faction roster kick limits enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Faction forcefields are locked on Wednesday, 3PM EST

Map Overview - General Info

  • Spawner taxes enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • TNT drop rates change from 50% -> 100% at Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Map ends on November 24th, 3PM EST
  • Account sharing restricted
  • Regens disabled
  • Economy sheet will be announced on our Discord
  • 7 custom worlds, each with 3000x3000 border (28 corners)
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace
  • Faction Fly & chat will be disabled for the first 30 minutes of the map

Spawner Expiry

Spawner expiry enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST.

Spawners must be placed within 24 hours of being acquired, or they expire, becoming unplaceable/ useless.


Grinding areas for ocelots in Tatooine world (/warp tatooine).

Sugar cane, ocelot, & spawner economy.

Economy sheet will be announced on our Discord.

Misc. Changes

  • Feast custom enchantment fixed
  • Roster lock add & kick bugs fixed
  • Omnitools & tray pickaxe custom enchantment bugs fixed
  • Chunk collector bugs fixed
  • Fixed tags
  • Fixed stackable items
  • Fix hand & fix all voucher issues fixed
  • Re-worked GKit flares
  • Vote crate re-worked
  • KoTH crate re-worked
  • Credits shop re-worked
  • Greed custom enchantment re-worked
  • Fruitious custom enchantment re-worked
  • Raid timer notifications removed
  • Bounties have been removed
  • Removed squid spawners
  • Removed slime balls from the shop
  • Increased size of raiding outpost world
  • Health bug patched

Misc. Changes

  • Raiding outpost rewards nerfed
  • Buffed fishing rewards
  • Ocelot's custom enchantment drop rate nerfed
  • G-Kit flares & keys can no longer be purchased using BuyCraft
  • All ranks up through Knight can now be purchased using BuyCraft
  • Added rule regarding raiding outpost world claims
  • Increased sell price of netherstars to $1,400
  • Added golden ingots to the shop for Zombie Pigmen
  • Greed custom enchantment re-added to harvester hoes
  • Zombie pigmen no longer drop golden nuggets, only golden ingots now
  • No longer able to sell enderpearls in the shop
  • Fix all now fixes equipped armour
  • Missing items have been added to printer
  • Collectors now have a maximum value that they can hold
  • Vader rank now has access to Vader & Sith rank kits
  • Vader rank removed from the store
  • Wookiee rank added to the store, in place of Vader

Sale Schedule

Over the course of the map, we will be having various sales! Make sure to capitalize on them while they last!

Click HERE to visit our store!

  • LAUNCH Sale: 90% OFF - lasts first 48 HOURS
  • GRACE Sale: 80% OFF - lasts remainder of Grace period
  • TNT Sale: 65% OFF - lasts until the end of the map


The top 5 Factions will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

Faction Top:

  • First - $700 PayPal | $350 BuyCraft
  • Second - $300 PayPal | $250 BuyCraft
  • Third - $100 PayPal | $150 BuyCraft
  • Fourth - $75 BuyCraft
  • Fifth - $25 BuyCraft

The top player and/or Faction will receive the following payout, once the map has concluded!

KoTH & Cane Top:

  • First - $25 PayPal | $25 BuyCraft

At the conclusion of each Trilogy, there will be a BONUS PAYOUT of $500 PayPal paid out to the top faction! Bring your roster back to compete for even more payout in even less time!

Trilogy Top:

  • First - 3x Trilogy Point
  • Second - 2x Trilogy Point
  • Third - 1x Trilogy Point

Here are the current placements on the Trilogy leaderboard, from Episode I & II

Trilogy Leaderboard:

  • First - Wookies: 8x Trilogy Point
  • Second - Caniche: 5x Trilogy Point
  • Third - Fantasy: 2x Trilogy Point

Use /f setpaypal [Email] to receive your payout