Factions: BATTLEFRONT Episode II

The time has come, the second BATTLEFRONT will release on Saturday, October 24th @ 3:00 PM EST! Check what time release will be for you HERE.

Map Overview:

  • 15 man factions
  • 10 day map - 4 days of grace, 6 days of TNT
  • 3 second cannons
  • 15 chunk buffers
  • 16 hour faction forcefields
  • 200 power per player
  • 25 roster size, 1 kick per day
  • Faction roster kick limits enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Faction forcefields are locked on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Spawner taxes enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Spawner expiry enabled on Wednesday, 3PM EST (Spawners must be placed within 24 hours of being acquired, or they expire, becoming unplaceable/ useless)
  • TNT drop rates change from 50% -> 100% at Wednesday, 3PM EST
  • Map ends on November 3rd, 3PM EST
  • Grinding areas for ocelots in Tatooine world (/warp tatooine)
  • Account sharing restricted
  • Regens disabled
  • Sugarcane, ocelot, & spawner economy
  • Economy sheet will be announced on our Discord
  • 7 custom worlds, each with 3000x3000 border (28 corners) - Hoth, Endor, Coruscant, Alderaan, Geonosis, & Mustafar
  • TNT and creeper eggs disabled during grace
  • Faction fly will be disabled for the first 30 minutes of the map
  • SALE Schedule
    Over the course of the map, we will be having various sales! Make sure to capitalize on them while they last!
  • LAUNCH Sale: 90% OFF - lasts first 24 HOURS
  • GRACE Sale: 80% OFF - lasts remainder of Grace period
  • TNT Sale: 75% OFF - lasts until the end of the map
  • Faction Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $700 PayPal & $350 BuyCraft
  • Second Place: $300 PayPal & $250 BuyCraft
  • Third Place: $100 PayPal & $150 BuyCraft
  • Fourth Place: $75 BuyCraft
  • Fifth Place: $25 BuyCraft
  • KoTH Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
  • Cane Top
    Here are the prizes for the payout placings:
  • First Place: $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
  • Claiming Payouts
    All payouts will be paid out shortly after the map has concluded. Here is how to claim:
  • PayPal: /f setpaypal [EMAIL]
  • BuyCraft: Given to leaders directly through the Faction-leader Discord
  • Trilogy Top
    At the conclusion of each Trilogy, there will be a BONUS PAYOUT of $500 PayPal paid out to the top faction! Bring your roster back to compete for even more payout in even less time!
  • First Place: 3x Trilogy Points
  • Second Place: 2x Trilogy Points
  • Third Place: 1x Trilogy Point
  • Trilogy Leaderboard
    Here are the current placements for the Trilogy leaderboard, from Episode I:
  • First Place: Wookies - 4x Trilogy Points
  • Second Place: Fantasy - 2x Trilogy Points
  • Third Place: Caniche - 1x Trilogy Point
  • Third Place: Noot - 1x Trilogy Point
  • Episode II Adjustments:
  • We have made plenty of rule changes after the conclusion of BATTLEFRONT Episode I. Check out the BATTLEFRONT rules HERE!
  • Greed enchantment removed from Harvester hoes, along with sugarcane sell price has been nerfed, to promote a true TATOOINE economy! Kill Ocelots to farm CE's & nether stars that sell for an ultra-high price!
  • All crates have been massively buffed, including the Episode II crate!
  • Check our Discord changelog for a full list of bug fixes, changes, and more!
  • The limited edition Mandalorian rank is now gone, but don't worry! Our new limited edition rank, Vader, will be releasing in Episode II! This rank will only be available for Episode II, and only purchaseable on our STORE.
  • We now have a limited time, HALLOWEEN themed hub!
  • Additional Changes:
  • Nerfed Star key collection from Ocelots in Tatooine.
  • Nerfed custom enchantment percentages from Ocelots on Tatooine.
  • Replaced Squid spawners with Zombie Pigman spawners.
  • Increased Genbucket limit.
  • Nerfed Fruitious enchantment on Galactic Hoes.
  • Nerfed Credit discovery chance from sugarcane.
  • Nerfed a few Credit Shop items.
  • There now will be a purchase limit of 15 items per Faction from the Jawa.
  • Alt AFK radius increased.
  • Nerfed Spikes custom enchantment.
  • Nerfed Resurrection custom enchantment.
  • Nerfed Surplus custom enchantment.
  • Nerfed Flurry custom enchantment.
  • Nerfed Jawbreaker custom enchantment.
  • Nerfed Brute custom enchantment.
  • Tinkerer custom enchantment now slowly repairs armour.
  • Added Faction Alts to /f who.
  • All /stats GUI's now show players' Faction alongside their name (including Cane Top & KoTH Top).
  • Removed Printer restriction during Phase 1 of a Raid.
  • Buffed Citadel (capture the Citadel to gain access to Spawner Shard fishing underground).
  • Buffed Spawner Shard Catch % for Factions who control the Citadel.
  • Buffed Iron Golem Spawners (only obtainable from Spawner Shards, and give 3.5 mil Faction Value! Also drop Red Roses!).
  • Lowered /roam cooldown to 30 seconds & buffed radius to 150 blocks.
  • An empty inventory is no longer required for Printer mode.
  • Buffed Phasma GKit (now gives passive Strength 2, Strength 3 while proc).
  • Increased world size of Raiding Outpost world by 10 chunks.
  • Removed KoTH Starters from Cargo Drop (now only obtainable through Crates).
  • Sith rank and higher now have 1 full player vault.
  • Slightly nerfed Raiding Outpost rewards.
  • Shrunk Tatooine world size.
  • Sugarcane sell price lowered to $10.
  • Removed Force Wands from /shop, now only accessible from the Credit Shop.
  • Reduced Vertical knockback.